Heading into the August long weekend, Tourism Kelowna wants to remind everyone in our community, those who live here and those who are visiting, to follow the guidance of provincial leaders to 'play safe and stay safe.'   

“With hot summer weather, increased wildfire risk, and additional COVID-19 public health measures, we must take extra care of ourselves, each other, and our destination,” said Lisanne Ballantyne, President and CEO of Tourism Kelowna. “We ask everyone to come prepared, take their time, give others space, and be mindful of their activities so we can all continue to enjoy our favorite summer activities.” 

Provincial public health leaders have provided the tools and advice for safe and responsible travel and are asking visitors to be patient and demonstrate their travel manners when visiting another community. 

“We know that some things are different this summer, but our commitment to a safe and enjoyable visit has not changed,” said Ballantyne. “Local tourism businesses have put extra public health measures in place, and we thank them for their additional efforts for the safety and comfort of their customers and staff.”

Through its website and social media channels, Tourism Kelowna has been providing information and ideas to help visitors. Travel advice includes doing research in advance of a trip, keeping in small groups, knowing those you come in contact with, keeping a safe distance, seeking activities with ‘fewer faces and bigger spaces,’ packing the necessary supplies, and listening to advice from the provincial public health office for a safe and enjoyable visit.   

With hot temperatures in the forecast, additional considerations around managing extreme heat and reducing the risk of wildfires should also be top of mind. 

“This B.C. Day long weekend, let’s do what’s being asked of us to reduce risks while we enjoy all that Kelowna and area has to offer," said Ballantyne. “Be considerate, be careful, and let’s keep our province safe and beautiful for everyone.”  

For travel ideas and tips to explore Kelowna safely, visit www.tourismkelowna.com. The team at the Kelowna Visitor Centre is also available to assist visitors and residents with questions in person, by phone, by e-mail, or online. 


For more information:

Chris Shauf, Director of Marketing & Communications
Tourism Kelowna
(250) 861-1515 ext. 203