We’ve enhanced our stakeholder website listings by moving to an algorithm sorting system that prioritizes the most complete listings first, helping to provide consumers with the most relevant content and a better user experience.

The algorithm sorting system means listings with more complete information—such as a full description, listing of amenities, contact information, website link, multiple images, and social media links—will be sorted higher than incomplete listings. 

Not only is having the richest data listings sorted higher better for website visitors, but it also helps level the playing field for stakeholder businesses, no matter if the business name starts with the letter A or Z.

This new sorting system will apply within the existing ranking system, which displays listings based on the following levels:

  1. Featured Listings through DTN advertising
    • If there are multiple Featured Listings, they will be randomly cycled amongst other Featured Listings.
    • Featured Listings do not apply to program sectors such as wineries (Wine Trails Program) or meetings and conferenced program partners.
  2. Enhanced Listings
    • This level of listing is an upgrade to the Base Listing and is automatically applied to program participates (such as Wine Trails Program), and MRDT or DMF accommodations.
  3. Base Listings

In cases where listings are completely matched and both have rich data, alphabetical order will then come into play to determine sorting priority.

For more information about the change to website listings, contact me at steve@tourismkelowna.com or (250) 861-1515 ext. 216.