InterVistas Consulting, on behalf of Tourism Kelowna, is currently collecting employment surveys for an economic impact study of the tourism sector. The result of this investigation will provide our industry with a detailed analysis of the scope of tourism in Kelowna and the surrounding areas.  

In order to undertake this study, InterVistas has sent our stakeholders an Employment Survey.  We would ask that you participate in the questionnaire, which will give us important insights into the current tourism industry, including the following:

  • Visitor volume estimates
  • A measure of the direct employment 
  • A measure of the direct economic impact in Kelowna, including GDP and economic output
  • A summary of the tax impacts of tourism activity in Kelowna

We appreciate that some of the information requested in the survey may be of a sensitive nature to your business or organization. Please be assured that InterVistas Consulting will maintain the confidentiality of your survey response and that the completed surveys will not be viewed by anyone other than researchers at the consulting firm. Only the aggregate survey totals will be provided in the final report. The published document will not reveal employment figures or other data for any individual firms.

The data collected from this study will be used in strategic marketing decision-making and to raise public and government awareness of the important contribution to employment and economic activity provided by tourism-related businesses in the region. 

For more information on our 2016 Economic Impact Study or Tourism Kelowna's other research projects, please visit our website

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the report further, please contact Sara Correa, Marketing Programs & Research, at or (250) 861-1515 ext 218.