Construction work on the Kelowna Visitor Centre at the Queensway Jetty started this week. With all required permits in place and initial site preparation work complete, construction crews have begun work.

Local commercial and general contractor ANR Construction was awarded the bid. Those driving and walking past the Queensway Jetty location will see machinery and contractors on site getting started on construction work. Behind the scenes, Tourism Kelowna staff continue planning and preparation work on this important project including finalizing the interior layout, selecting materials, and broadening visitor engagement programs. While setting an exact opening date is always a challenge with construction projects, we are aiming to open Kelowna’s new visitor centre in mid-2018.

Artist rendering of Kelowna Visitor Centre
The relocation of our visitor centre to a high-traffic pedestrian area will provide a positive economic impact for local businesses and our community. It is estimated that well over 400,000 pedestrians walk by the Queensway Jetty location each year.
Watch for more updates as progress continues. If you have questions, or for further information, please contact Chris Shauf (250-861-1515 ext 203) or e-mail