Destination Canada is working on generating a list of special offers from tourism product/experience providers for their Canada Specialist Program for 2016.  If you are not familiar with Canada Specialist Program it is an educational tool for registered international travel agents designed to promote travel to Canada.  Once certified, these agents are experts on our destination and can advise their international clients about all there is to see and do in our country.  As a benefit to the program, Canadian Specialists receive deep discounts each year to encourage them to try our products themselves.  To read more about their program, please visit their website.

If you would like to submit a discount for participants in the Canada Specialist Program, please complete the attached template form and submit it directly to Nicole Parfitt at Destination Canada by Friday, August 28.  All questions should be directed to Nicole as well at 604-638-8350 or to   Please note, if your business offered a discount in 2015, you will not be contacted to renew, but must submit a new form with updated discount information.

2016 CSP Special Offers