While we know currently all events and non-essential meetings must be virtual, we are happy to share that the BC Meetings & Events Working Group (BCMEIWG) is continuing to work on our industry's behalf to plan how we can restart this vital economic sector. 

After developing the BC Meetings & Events COVID-19 Safe Restart Guidelines earlier this year, the group has been working on a restart proposal for business meetings and events that they plan to present to the Provincial Health Officer in the new year. The proposal addresses the 50-person limit for gatherings under Section 43 of the Provincial Health Act and aims to re-activate the meetings and events industry by allowing venues and professional organizers to conduct safe, in-person meetings and events that will re-engage our workforce and stimulate creativity, innovation, and community building.  

The BC Meetings & Events Restart Plan proposes that the business meetings and events industry is resumed in a four-stage, graduated process. Each stage increases the number of attendees permitted within a range, the types of meetings and events that can be held and the activities that participants can engage in. It calls for strategic, incremental growth on a monthly or bi-monthly bases (within and between stages) and is proposed based on continuous monitoring of meetings and events, along with a 30-day assessment by the Provincial Health Officer. 

We will continue to provide you with any updates and will share the full proposal with you in the new year when it is made available to the public.  

If you have any questions about the proposal or would like more information, please contact Joanne Burns Millar, CEO Pacific Destination Services at joanne@pacificdestinations.com.