Every year, as part of Tourism Kelowna's operational plan, a survey is sent out to the representatives of Tourism Kelowna's close to 400 voting stakeholders to garner feedback and to understand their levels of satisfaction with our organization. 

The survey measures satisfaction across different areas, such as MRDT funding, advertising value, service areas, and overall performance. The results of the survey help guide decision-making and ensure that Tourism Kelowna continues to support the needs of our stakeholders and offer value. 

The 15-question survey, conducted by Larose Research & Strategy and distributed to voting stakeholders, was in-market from August 20 to September 2, 2021. Despite the unprecedented challenges to the tourism sector during this time, Tourism Kelowna stakeholders remained highly engaged with and supportive of the organization. This year's survey is tied with 2020 for having the second-highest response rate in the past seven years. 

The survey results highlight the following: 

  • 78% of stakeholders are satisfied with the overall performance of Tourism Kelowna. 
  • 78% of stakeholders are satisfied with destination attraction for leisure travel.
  • 72% of stakeholders are satisfied with visitor centre servicing to extend stays and increase spending.
  • 71% of stakeholders are satisfied with advertising and promotion programs available to them. 
  • 64% of stakeholders are satisfied with attraction for major sports and entertainment events.
  • 61% of stakeholders are satisfied with destination attraction for meetings and conferences.
  • 88% of stakeholders agree that sustainable and responsible tourism development in Kelowna is important. 

Thank all of those who participated in the survey. Overall, we view much of the feedback from this report as positive and helpful in ensuring we are delivering the programs and services needed, and providing value to the industry. We’re encouraged by these survey findings and are committed to reviewing ways we can continue to make improvements to maintain and grow satisfaction in the years ahead.

If have any questions or would like to join Tourism Kelowna as a stakeholder, you can contact me directly at sara@tourismkelowna.com or (250) 861-1515 ext. 218.