Join us for an outdoor yoga class in the vineyard at The View Winery. Summer is finally here, so treat yourself to a morning out of the house, perhaps with a few friends, get into nature and just relax. We will meet to the left of the winery by the picnic tables. We will then walk up the vineyard to the top so we can see a panoramic view of Kelowna, then let the yoga begin. Please note this is a 10-15 min walk and the yoga starts right at 10:00 am so please arrive at 9:45 am.

This class is about relaxing and letting go. We will move very slowly a moving meditation with the breath. We will end this class with a guided meditation to melt away any stress from the last few months. After class, we will head down to the picnic tables and enjoy an array of wines and ciders.

•If it's raining don't worry we will just move inside. Please bring a blanket so you can find ultimate relaxation.

•We recommend bringing your yoga mat. If you need a mat, they are available for a $3 rental fee.