We will start our afternoon in the grassy field doing a 45-minute yin yoga class. I Aleena McKinnon with Buddha beats yoga will guide you through a wonderful yin yoga class with our toes in the grass and sun on our faces. After the yoga, they will bring in the horses while Aleena guides you through 15-minute ponies mediation.

Ponies are extremely sensitive animals, and they realize and understand when we use our breathing to communicate with them. It's here that we can then experience the magic of the horses responding to us. That’s when they tune in to our mindful energy, and a connection is created. By sharing this meditation time together, we open the door to mutual deep connection and understanding. Meditation with horses helps us to become centred, have a clear mind and become focused, where worries and concerns fall away.

This is open to anyone who is open to trying something new and wants to participate in a truly powerful meditation, to connect with animals as well as like-minded individuals. We recommend bringing your yoga mat.