I'm so excited to announce that Buddha Beats Yoga has teamed up with Room & Pillar salt cave spa for another season!! Relax, meditate and breathe in the healing salt air while listening to meditative music and being surrounded by floor to ceiling Himalayan salt, while I Aleena McKinnon with Buddha beats yoga will guide you through a wonderful gentle yoga class. This class is about relaxing and letting go. We will move very slowly a moving meditation with the breath. Watery, fluid, rhythmic, simple, sweet movements.

Including essential oils in your yoga practice can add layers of richness. In this class I will show you how you can use plant essences to anchor your practice to a specific emotional state. In this class, you’ll set an intention with a suggested oil, enjoy an asana sequence focused on that intent, then meditate with a second scent to seal the effects of your practice.

Find clarity with a class utilizing lemon and rosemary essential oils. Begin with the scent of lemon to dispel any confusion or fatigue, then maintain your focus. Finish with a side bend and a forward fold, then relax and integrate with a guided meditation by the scent of rosemary.

Room & Pillar provides dry salt therapy through the exposure of thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt and a machine called a halo generator that grinds pharmaceutical-grade salt particles and releases them into the cave.

The Health Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy Include:

All levels welcome.

We recommend bringing your yoga mat. If you need a mat, they are available for a $3 rental fee.
Ticket price: $50.00

For tickets please click the BOOK button above fill out the information then to complete your booking you just e transfer me the ticket price. To-
On the e transfer please include the full names of the people coming so I can get you on the list.

Upon your arrival to the event you just tell them your name at the door.

There is limited space available only 8 spots so get you tickets ASAP!!

Please bring warm clothing or a blanket the cave does get cold.

For more information please contact Aleena McKinnon
Telephone: 1-250-808-1764