EVENT: Under The Valley: A Night of Explorative Arts

WHEN: Friday, May 24 2024 at 8pm-10pm

WHERE: Salloum Room RCA

HOW MUCH: $15 to chip in for space and piano tuning

WHY: To collaborate and improvise in a safe, exploratory space for all artistic mediums

Unlike traditional spaces that showcase only finished works, "Under the Valley" provides a fluid environment where artists from diverse mediums can ignite inspiration from one another in a free improvisation setting.

With a focus on the 3 pillars: listening, exploration, and collaboration, this space is a rare opportunity for true artistic synergy. Musicians will improvise together in small groups to express "pieces", while dancers, visual artists, writers, and active listeners contribute and/or draw inspiration from the field.

Participants are encouraged to embrace both their unique individual talents and the collective vision, allowing for organic connections and creative expression. While not every live collaboration may align perfectly, "Under The Valley" values the creative process of discovery, providing a much-needed space for genuine artistic interaction and growth, as well as community.

Visual artists are to bring their own supplies, we will have a table and possibly 2 easels available. Dancers to dress comfortably, we will leave plenty of allocated space for you to move freely. Writers and poets are welcome to present work, so long as they know it is not an open mic---but a contribution to a multidisciplinary performance. Musicians and sound-makers to bring their own instruments, we will have cables, 2 mics, and a tuned piano. All are to bring an open mind. We will have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available for you 😄

Jessie and Eliseo, newly formed as TONO collective, asked themselves this question many times. A place has yet to reveal itself, and thus, we are taking the first steps in providing it to see what happens. Aligned with the fiery and exploratory nature of the full moon in Sagittarius on May 23-24, we aim to not only provide a space for weirdo artsy people who don't fit in traditional Okanagan venues, but also to initiate a conversation about what it could mean to be in a multidisciplinary community of practice.

Let us know if you have any questions!

See you soon ❤