Now on view in the Main Gallery of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is 'This is a Love Story', a new exhibition by Kelowna-based artist Lindsay Kirker in which she responds to internal exploration and external observation. The paintings in 'This is a Love Story' take their cue from the rapid expansion of the urban landscape, surveying a curiosity and fascination with the built environment and a concern for the nature that surrounds us.

In 'This is a Love Story', the recent UBCO Master of Fine Arts graduate explores the need for stability that manifests itself through an attraction to structure. Considering most of our time is spent in the city, these spaces inform and influence us. A sense of order is established through-line, grid, and repetition, assuming pattern and stability. This suggests that life unfolds linearly, that we take the same unconscious routes, among clearly defined paths and that there is an order between our experience and the people we come into contact with. The paintings reflect the human mind and spirit, intuition and behavior, perhaps more spontaneous encounters that occur outside of these assumed patterns of activity.

'This is a Love Story' will be on view in the Main Gallery of the Alternator from November 5th to December 18, 2021.