Thrilled to share the exciting news: Buddha Beats Yoga and Room & Pillar Salt Cave Spa are joining forces for another incredible season! Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the salt cave, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling Himalayan salt, as you relax, meditate, and breathe in the healing salt air. Join me, Aleena McKinnon of Buddha Beats Yoga, for a rejuvenating Yin yoga class designed to help you unwind and release. Experience the beauty of moving meditation in slow, rhythmic harmony with your breath—an oasis of watery, fluid, and sweet movements awaits. It's a journey of relaxation and letting go. Join us for a blissful escape into tranquility!

Bumblebee Breath & the Vagus Nerve breath and meditation.

The role of the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies. The vagus is the tenth cranial nerve, extending from the brain stem, all the way down the neck and thorax down to the abdomen. Its trajectory forms the neural and hormonal pathway of the brain-gut axis, which is heavily involved in establishing our feelings of mental wellbeing. An estimated 90% of our serotonin is produced in the gut, with its gut-to-brain transportation relying on the vagus nerve. In the thorax, it provides the main parasympathetic supply to the heart and stimulates a reduction in the heart rate. The vagus nerve is also responsible for the regulation of our respiratory rate.

This calming Bumblebee breath heals and soothes your mind and nervous system. By using a gentle humming sound, like the sound of a bumblebee, you send vibrations throughout your whole being. These vibrations signal to your nervous system to switch into its parasympathetic branch, which aids in resting and digesting. You also stimulate the vagus nerve, which runs through your throat.

The Vagus Nerve and Yoga

Practices such as yoga and meditation are believed to stimulate the vagus nerve. Vagus stimulation helps us to balance the functions of the internal organs and bring us into a calmer state of being, reducing inflammation and triggering the body’s natural healing system.

Room & Pillar provides dry salt therapy through the exposure of thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt and a machine called a halo generator that grinds pharmaceutical-grade salt particles and releases them into the cave.

The Health Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy Include:

All levels welcome.

We recommend bringing your yoga mat. If you need a mat, they are available for a $3 rental fee.
Ticket price: $50.00

For tickets please click the BOOK button above fill out the information then to complete your booking you just e transfer me the ticket price. To-
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Upon your arrival to the event you just tell them your name at the door.

There is limited space available only 8 spots so get you tickets ASAP!!

Please bring warm clothing or a blanket the cave does get cold.

For more information please contact Aleena McKinnon
Telephone: 1-250-808-1764