Formed in 2017, The Rolly Rangno Band’s exhilarating brand of musically excellent, high-energy shows has made them a popular favorite on the Okanagan entertainment scene over the past six years. A veteran musician, Rolly Rangno has played with Western Canadian bands Stryder, Criminal Records recording artist Shamash, as well as Axis Entertainment's Headknocker. Together with Wikipedia-espoused musical legend Graham Ord on lead guitar and vocals, Blue Rooney on bass, Mark Fitz on keyboards, Dan Marcelino on drums and vocals; along with the remarkable singing talents of Tanya Ovelson and Chelsea Murphy. The Rolly Rangno Band is recognized for consistently bringing a wonderfully imaginative, unforgettably engaging show to both new audiences and devoted fans alike. A Rolly Rangno Band performance is always presented with the heart of true professionals; encapsulating the wonderful musical ingredients of, “Maximum Fun, Vintage Tunes, and Classic Entertainment.”