Some battles only a mother can fight. When Trisha Lee's daughter announces "I am not a girl, I am not a boy either", the small-town Texas widow's world is upended. Suddenly at odds with her faith and family, Trish must struggle to understand and accept her daughter's truth. Hilarious and heartfelt, The Pink Unicorn explores a mother's boundless love for her child. This acclaimed play, seen on stages throughout North America, features Kelowna favourite, Kendra Hesketh, is directed by Bonnie Gratz and will be filmed in a unique, beautiful way by filmmakers in James Alton and Noah Dorsey in collaboration with OSIF. A post-show follow up with the performer, director and special guests concludes each show. This online event is with the permission of the author, performer, and all artists involved.

Tickets for this online event are $10 and available now on our website; links for online and post-show talkback will be sent morning of performance day selected.

Consider adding on some delicious cinnamon buns and wine-Trisha's favourite to get the full Pink Unicorn experience. Note that the cinnamon buns and wine delivery is only available in Kelowna. Pick up options also possible for those outside these regions on show day.

Filmed with the permission of the playwright. Photo credit for second image: James Alton Visuals