Last year began with the legendary Irish Rovers hitting the Spotify’s VIRAL TOP 50 in both the US and the UK/ Ireland, and ended with recording a new album, No End In Sight! They thank young Nathan Evans’ rendition of The Wellerman, for carrying on the tradition of the sea shanty, and have included their original 1977 version of the song on the new album. No End In Sight has been setting new sales records and includes a new anthem for our time, Hey Boys Sing Us A Song, inspired by the last two years of no touring.

Canada has been home to The Irish Rovers since its inception in the early 60s and their first international hit, The Unicorn. Millar says, “It’s been a bit odd, being from both Ireland and Canada. Some fans have found it confusing as well. At times I’ve felt like a man with no country.” This lead to the song Band Without A Country from their 2020 album Saints And Sinners which tells their story from Ireland to Toronto, The Unicorn, and beyond.

Get ready for a rollicking night of old and new hits, and hilarious stories from their life on the road.