The Cheese and Meat Festival debuts in Kelowna! Escape the ordinary. The Cheese and
Meat Festival introduces you to artisan foods and beverages from local and international
producers in one location with one ticket.

The Cheese and Meat Festival celebrates craft, culture, and community.

We are proud to showcase the finest artisan food and beverage vendors. The Festival offers a wide variety of
tastes, textures, and aromas to enjoy. It's an opportunity for people to learn, taste, and create
meaningful connections between the creators and the products they love. The Festival is not just
meat and cheese but an assortment of delicious cocktails, brews, beverages, and all the
accouterments you'd love to see on your next serving platter.

The Festival has two tasting sessions; 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Guests walk around at their leisure
for two hours while having all-inclusive access to 40+ vendors. When you arrive at the Festival,
you'll receive a tasting glass for sipping and your own personal charcuterie board, a gift to keep
the memories lasting.