Easy to maintain for new plant peeps and equally exciting for those more experienced, these stylish beauties are a great addition to any home decor or office and are the perfect way to add that bit of green into your life!

What’s Included:
-Expert guidance in structuring, designing, and caring for your terrarium
-A beautiful glass container for your terrarium
-Cacti and Echeveria
-Terrarium filling materials: rocks, moss, etc.
-Light bites provided by the Lakehouse Kitchens Culinary Team*
-We’ve got your first drink covered! With each ticket, you’ll receive a complimentary beverage – either a curated welcome cocktail or choose from wine, beer, or coffee.

Join us for this fun hands-on workshop with Shauna from Passionate Blooms!

In this class, Shauna will be teaching the basic design and construction techniques of Succulent Terrariums.

You will learn about the different types of cacti and echeveria, their names, how to properly care for them, as well as, come to understand the origin of the plant, where they grow and where they come from.

Shauna will have a variety of different materials to use and you will be given a modern glass container to create in and take home!

All supplies and tools are included.

*Please note: Additional food is not available for purchase as we are not a restaurant. We recommend enjoying your dinner prior to class.