Thai Iced Tea
Pad Thai
Chicken Satay
We've got your first drink covered! With each ticket, you'll receive a complimentary beverage - either a curated welcome cocktail or choose from wine, beer, or coffee.

Skills Covered

Utilizing base flavours to create a “mother” sauce for multiple uses
How to perfectly cook rice noodles
Balancing sweet, savoury, sour, and spicy elements

Hands-On Cooking

Let our Chefs transport you to the vibrant and enchanting flavours of Thailand. In this immersive cooking class, you'll don an apron and take your place at your very own culinary work station, ready to dive into the exotic world of Thai cuisine.

Under the expert guidance of our skilled chef, you'll explore the authentic flavours and techniques of Thailand, unlocking the secrets to creating sensational dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Discover the art of balancing sweet, savoury, sour, and spicy elements that define Thai cuisine, as our chef reveals the secrets behind each dish.

Indulge in a refreshing Thai Iced Tea as you delve into the first course - the legendary Pad Thai. Learn the nuances of perfectly cooked noodles, the art of balancing flavours in the sauce, and the delicate dance of textures and toppings that make this iconic dish truly unforgettable.

Next, venture into the realm of aromatic Chicken Satay, where tender skewered chicken is marinated in a medley of Thai spices and served with a delectable peanut dipping sauce. Master the art of grilling and the harmonious interplay of flavours that make this dish a Thai street food favourite.

Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with a delightful Thai-inspired dessert that will transport your taste buds to new heights.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a gastronomic journey to the heart of Thailand. Reserve your spot today and let your taste buds savour the wonders of Thai cuisine.

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