Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Seasonal Vegetables
Felfel (Green Pepper Salad)
Zealouk (Moroccan Eggplant Dip)
Fresh Bread
Raspberry Tarte

Enhance your beverage experience: handpicked wine pairings by our sommelier, Mia Papadopolous are available for purchase with your ticket or at the door.

Skills Covered

How to care for a tagine
How to get the most flavour and aromatics into your tagine cooking
Pairing delicious sides with your tagine main dish

Demonstration Cooking Class with Chef Yassine Lakhsassi

Delve into the realm of tagine cooking as Moroccan Chef Yassine demonstrates the intricate balance of spices and ingredients that give this dish its distinct character. Watch as tender chicken and vibrant seasonal vegetables simmer to perfection, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours.

Chef Yassine will also take you through the preparation of felfel and zealouk, two traditional Moroccan side dishes that are bursting with flavour. Then you'll indulge in the sweet finale of a beautiful raspberry tarte - a dessert not to be missed!

Join us for this captivating demonstration and savour the flavours of Morocco with us!

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