Margarita (welcome cocktail)
Elote (grilled Mexican street corn)
Carnitas (plant-based option available - please specify in the "allergies" box)
Churros with a spiced chocolate sauce

We've got your first drink covered! With each ticket, you'll receive a complimentary beverage - either a curated welcome cocktail or choose from wine, beer, or coffee.

Skills Covered
The art of seasoning for flavourful Carnitas, both traditional and plant-based options.
Grilling techniques and flavour layering for authentic Elote (Mexican street corn).
The process of making and frying Churros to achieve that perfect golden crunch.

Hands-On Cooking

Welcome to a vibrant culinary journey through the streets of Mexico in our hands-on cooking class! Get ready to experience the authentic flavours and exciting dishes of Mexican street food. This class will teach you how to recreate some beloved favorites including Carnitas (with plant-based options available), Elote (grilled Mexican street corn), Churros with spiced chocolate sauce, and a refreshing Margarita to welcome you to the class.

Under the expert guidance of our Chefs, you'll learn the secrets behind each dish. Starting with Carnitas, you'll discover how to achieve that perfect balance of tender and flavorful meat or explore creative plant-based alternatives. From seasoning to slow-cooking techniques, you'll unlock the secrets to this iconic Mexican delight.

Next up is Elote, where you'll learn how to transform simple corn into a mouthwatering street food sensation. You'll explore the art of grilling, seasoning, and layering flavours to achieve that irresistible combination of smoky, creamy, and tangy goodness.

For a sweet finish, you'll delve into the world of Churros, mastering the art of creating golden, crispy treats. Chef Michael will guide you through the steps of mixing and piping the dough, followed by frying to perfection. To complement the churros, we'll whip up a spiced chocolate sauce that will elevate your dessert experience.

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