Sovereign Lake NC and SilverStar Mountain Resort are teaming up to present the second annual Sovereign2SilverStar Ski Marathon. A point to party event with two of everything: two styles (classic and free), two distances each day (42km and 21km), and two ski areas (starting at Sovereign Lake and finishing on Main Street of SilverStar village).

Finishing is Winning: After the ‘competitive’ waves start, the smaller ‘fun’ waves will be spaced out to allow everyone to enjoy their time on the trails. With the largest daily groomed network of Nordic trails in Canada, there are no laps or repeated trail sections, just a lot of scenery. For those trying to go a little faster, we will also have the same medal categories and prize money amounts as we did in 2022. 

The two areas are working together to build an adventure that carries on well after the skiing is done. When you get to the finish line you're just getting started as the party gets underway at the great local restaurants and bars. This event is also a fundraiser for KidSport, which gives children opportunities to benefit from outdoor sports.

The Details

April 1st, Saturday, 2023: Free Day with your choice of 42km or 21km. April 2nd, Sunday, 2023: Classic Day with your choice of 42km or 21km. Stop at a food station, take pictures at the viewpoints, and experience the trails with small wave starts to allow more room to appreciate the scenery.