'Sourced' is a naturally constructed feast created by Aman Dosanj and The Paisley Notebook that is re-imagining what it means to eat, one edible story and pop-up dinner at a time.

Join Aman for a day of edible storytelling on Sunday, July 7. Featuring a farm-to-forest communal long table at Caldwell Heriage Farm with a 4-course menu is inspired by 'family.' Meet Kristi and James Caldwell and be introduced to the soon-to-be-opening Wiseacre Farm Distillery.

Arrive at 5 p.m. for a 5:30 p.m. farm tour, followed by a locally inspired 4-course meal. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions (including vegetarian), please email This event features a set menu, which won't be shared until each course is up (Aman likes surprises). A little request is for you to contact Aman with allergies before purchasing tickets (please and thank you).

The other stuff:

  • Ticket price does not include gratuity or beverage
  • Wear farm appropriate footwear, sunscreen and a hat
  • The event is rain or shine, we have a rain planĀ 

SOURCED is all about the bigger picture and looking out for the planet - carpooling is a great shout and please bring a non-plastic water bottle filled with the Okanagan's finest tap water.