A Yoga Mountain Retreat is for anyone interested in learning how to find peace and balance in the complexity of our fast-paced lifestyles. Enjoy four days of energizing yoga classes, mountain hikes, and tasty meals amongst the beautiful surroundings of SilverStar Mountain Resort.
Karen Tengberg, born a Canadian, living now in Denmark is back again this summer to offer you a week of yoga love!

Highlights :

  • 2 yoga and meditation sessions per day.
  • Hearty breakfast, your choice, at the Red Antler to make your day amazing!
  • Mindful Being inspirations every day
  • Education session on eat, move, and be healthy
  • Horse-drawn carriage ride to Sunday Session
  • Mountain hiking
  • Paint by Vino night
  • Dinner at The Red Antler, Friday
  • BBQ Canadian Salmon night, Saturday
  • Lots of laughter, work'in out, and, work'in in together

Styles of Yoga:

Hatha Yoga
Yin/Restorative Yoga