The Second Annual Best Kind Comedy Tour will be stopping at Freddy's Brew Pub in Kelowna!

The Best Kind Comedy Tour features 3 headlining Newfoundland comedians: Mike Lynch, Brian Aylward, and Colin Hollett. Freddy's is just one of 33 shows from coast to coast, but don't wait to buy your tickets because, in year one, the tour sold more than 8,000 tickets!

Meet the comedians:

Brian Aylward
Based on a bet, Aylward stepped on stage for the first time thirteen years ago and he is now considered by many to be one of the best comedians working today.

Brian’s solo show “Big In Asia” was nominated for “Best Comedy” at 2017 Fringe World in Perth, Australia. In 2016, Aylward was awarded “Best Standup Comic” at the Canadian Comedy Awards. He has performed over 2600 shows in more than 20 countries. His numerous viral videos and sketch character “Fadder” have garnered millions of views online.

After headlining last year’s tour, Brian is back with his razor-sharp routines and a huge sack of ridiculous stories from his travels around the world.

Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch is one of the new faces of Canadian comedy. The star of Outhouse TV, his wide range of sketch characters, such as Cecil O’Brien and Randy Lee, have become household names across Canada.

As a stand-up, St. John’s native Lynch has a loyal fanbase that continues to grow today. He is a prolific creator and a relentless performer. This hilarious, young talent is not to be missed.

Colin Hollett
Colin’s second time on stage, he won the Great Canadian Laugh-Off comedy competition and represented Newfoundland at the national competition in Toronto.

Hollett had the highest voted video in Canada for the Russell Peter’s BFF comedy competition. He boasts a great online following from his many viral video rants and comedy sketch guest appearances on the very popular Outhouse TV.

Wherever he performs, this Burin Bay native garners fans by sharing his uniquely hilarious mind.