RCA Presents is delighted to welcome Séan McCann, the founding member of the multi-million selling band Great Big Sea. Join us as the Shantyman sings the Great Big Songbook.

Séan McCann is an Order of Canada recipient for his advocacy of people living with mental health and addiction issues. His 2021 album, SHANTYMAN, is a rollicking return to his own maritime roots and an invigorating breath of salty sea air to help shake off the negative effects of social isolation.

"To be in the audience for a Séan McCann performance is a gift to all listeners. Through story, music and the most intimate sharing, Séan opens his heart and connects with each person in a unique way. He allows for people to open up themselves and discover the purest forms of human potential: healing, loving, living and connecting as human beings, to our selves and one another. I can’t emphasize enough the power and influence of Séan on stage. He is a gift to all audiences." — Clara Hughes, Olympic Gold Medalist and Canadian Mental Health Champion