CMHA Kelowna is excited to once again bring Ride Don't Hide to Kelowna - this year with a twist. After taking a pause in 2020, this year's event invites participants to: "ride your way". What does that mean? Ride Don't Hide 2021 lets you decide how to participate. Ride outside, ride inside, or ride in spirit.

Ride outside for 100 km throughout June, or simply go out for a “leisurely” Sunday ride.

Ride inside with a rigorous 30-day spin challenge, or casually pedal your stationary bike while binging on Netflix.

Or ride in spirit, because it doesn’t have to be a literal ride. You can do cross-fit in your basement, yoga in the living room, take a brisk walk before you start work, or take 10 minutes in your day for mindfulness. However you take care of yourself this spring – that’s your Ride.

And sharing it with others – that’s your ‘Don’t Hide’ for your own mental health while taking care of others.

CMHA Kelowna is looking forward to rallying the community to come together and Ride. Don’t Hide.