I'm so excited to announce that Buddha Beats Yoga has teamed up with Room & Pillar salt cave spa!! Relax, meditate and breathe in the healing salt air while listening to meditative music and being surrounded by floor to ceiling Himalayan salt, while I Aleena McKinnon with Buddha beats yoga will guide you through a wonderful gentle yoga class. This class is about relaxing and letting go. We will move very slowly a moving meditation with the breath. Watery, fluid, rhythmic, simple, sweet movements.

This class will begin with an aromatherapy practice to allow the mind to settle and sensation to flourish. We will be diving into delicious heart openers. These postures are strong yet vulnerable, require significant effort and ease, just like our own hearts. Weaving in themes of self love & self care. Then will conclude with a long & luxurious shavasana with gentle massage to assist you in feeling relaxed and cared for. We will also have the crown chakra sound bowl. Meditation with your crown chakra crystal is the best way to stimulate and open your crown chakra. The crystals can help in deepening your meditation practice as well as opening your mind to higher consciousness followed by chimes.