Ten guests will enjoy a five-course, prix-fixe dinner where each course has been artfully crafted to include a SAVOURY gelato or sorbet and paired with a wine which will harmonize with the flavours of each dish. As each course is presented, the QB and winery team will share with you the inspiration behind the dish and why the specific wine, gelato or sorbet was chosen.

The dinner is intended to awaken your imagination and stimulate your senses all the while sharing, laughing, learning, and being a part of a unique foodie experience. The real magic happens when you pair food, savoury gelato or sorbets and local wines.

Where did the inspiration for QB Supper Club come from? We love food as much as we love gelato. We also love wine, especially when intentionally paired with a meal. Late last fall, over a QB Affogato, Victor (QB Gelato Master) and Eric von Krosigk (Summerhill Pyramid Winery Winemaker) got on the topic of SAVOURY Gelato and Sorbets and pairing food. The result: our sold-out “Sparkle” dinner in December of 2018 with each food course paired to a Summerhill sparkling wine and a savoury gelato or sorbet by QB. The success of "Sparkle" inspired ‘QB Supper Club’ dinner series.

Book your ticket(s) early as seating at our communal long table is limited to ten (10) guests per night.