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Old World vs. New World Pinot Noir Flight
Wine 1: A classic Old World example of Pinot Noir is Mercurey from Burgundy.
Wine 2: Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma, California often exhibit classic New World appeal.
Cool Climate vs. Warm Climate Pinot Noir Flight
Wine 1: Options from Okanagan defined by bright acidity and are prime examples of cool-climate Pinot Noir.
Wine 2: The Willamette Valley in Oregon has warm, dry summers that lend to a richer, textured Pinot Noir.
Young Wine vs. Old Wine Pinot Noir Flight
Two bottles from the same producer, different vintage.
The vintages will be at least 4–5 years apart.

A beautifully curated seasonal canape plate will be paired with the wines selected for the class
Skills Covered

How to approach wine tasting
Wine cellaring
Food pairing
Serving techniques

Wine Education with Sommelier Mia Papadopoulos

First-class wines, delicious eats and the intimacy of a private wine education class make this journey through the Okanagan and the rest of the wine world a fantastic outing.

Ruby red, light bodied with a spunky attitude, Okanagan Pinot Noir reminds us of warm summer nights, first kisses, dancing through rainstorms and backpacking through Burgundy. But never mind our silly sentiments, Western Canadian Pinot Noirs, though only a small drop in the “world of wine” bucket, represent an integral part of the world's youngest wine region.

To understand how Pinot Noir tastes, Mia will set up a flight from three key categories: Old World versus New; cool climate versus warm; and young wine versus old.

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