Buddha Beats Yoga is poised to cast its enchantment upon Vibrant Vines Winery in a grand revelation that promises an unparalleled experience! Join the visionary Aleena McKinnon on a transformative yoga journey in the heart of nature, set against the stunning backdrop of the vineyard, lake, and Kelowna – a truly sensory feast with the grass beneath your toes and the sun caressing your face.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of slow, rhythmic movements, creating an atmosphere of profound meditation. Following this blissful yoga session, indulge in a decadent treat – a mimosa paired with a delightful light brunch. To ensure your experience is tailored to perfection, please inform us of any allergies or dietary preferences.

Event Extravaganza: 🌿 Yoga: 10:00 to 11:00 am 🥂 Followed by a mimosa and light brunch 🌈 All levels warmly welcomed ☔ In case of inclement weather, seamlessly transition indoors

Preparation Elegance: 🧘 Bring your yoga mat (available for a $3 rental fee) 🌦️ Dress according to the weather, considering warm clothing or a cozy blanket for maximum comfort.

Upon your arrival, a simple mention of your name at the entrance will grant you access to this enchanting experience. For further inquiries or detailed information, connect with Aleena McKinnon at or 1-250-808-1764. Secure your spot at this exquisite affair with a ticket price of $45.00.

Embark on a morning of elevation, harmonizing yoga and relaxation in the captivating embrace of Vibrant Vines Winery. This is not just an event; it’s a symphony for your senses, an oasis for your soul. See you there! 🌺✨