In many spiritual traditions, the number Seven represents a special signifier for the natural manner in which life flows, in a cyclical escalating evolution from inception to completion. In the biblical story of Genesis, God rested on the seventh day after having created our world, all of its beings, including the first two humans. Regardless of how one interprets this creation story and the supposed fall and exile of humans, on the Eighth Day, humans entered into a co-creative relationship with the Creator. Today is still the Eighth Day.

On the Eighth Day, is an exhibition of works by Julie Oakes and Christian Bernard Singer that explores the act of creating as inherently linked to the ability to destroy in order to bring about harmony and peace, or chaos and loss. As we grapple with the climate crisis and a world pandemic, humans are being given an opportunity to review our relationship with the land that we were given, but on which we are merely passing tenants.