On Foot presents tap dance in a traditional concert setting but pushes the art form to its limits. Five of Western Canada’s finest tap dancers demonstrate the beauty of tap dance visually, engaging auditory senses through raw improvisation, captivating rhythms, and memorable melodies through choreography by Danny Nielsen and NYC’s Lisa La Touche.

Danny Nielsen is one of Canada's finest tap dancers. Originally from Calgary, he began to further his knowledge of tap studying at various festivals throughout Canada and the U.S. around the age of 14. His prolific technical skill and musical sensibility launched him on to the international stage at the age of 23. He has taught and performed at many national and international tap festivals including Zurich Tap Fest, Tap Ahead in Germany, North Carolina Rhythm Tap Festival, Chicago Human Rhythm Project, Taptastic Festival in Germany, and Portland Tap Fest.

Danny was an integral part of Vancouver based dance company Radical System Art's (Shay Kuebler) production Telemetry. The show was a hit and toured for over 3 years at notable venues such as the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Place Des Arts in Montreal, the White Bird Dance Series in Portland, the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, and the Schritmacher Festival in Germany.