On view at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is “Layered Landscapes: Landscape Art, Politics and Love” by local artist Natasha Harvey.

Harvey spends time deepening her connection with the land in the unceded territories of the syilx peoples, walking and connecting through place-based research. Over time, during these walks, she has found the expansion of dwellings and homes pushing up the mountainsides around and over wetlands, impacting wildlife habitat and ecology. Construction cuts into the land. Culture and economy reshape the horizon, thus rendering 'space' politically complex. Therefore, achieving the colonial landscape sublime is not a simple image of beauty without erasure. 

Harvey’s artwork consists of a series of collaged landscape paintings and linocut prints, which seek to represent and communicate the effects of human interference on the environment while evoking the participatory spirit of love and beauty of nature. Her work and research are specifically place-based in the Okanagan Valley. She hopes her depictions of the landscape illustrate this complexity and thus encourage a conversation about our expanding contribution to the detriment of the land. 

Natasha Harvey holds a Master of Fine Arts from UBC Okanagan and a Bachelor of Education from UBC Vancouver. Her artistic practice and research are specifically place-based in the Okanagan. Working with large-scale collage and lino-prints, Harvey explores the paradox of living and revering the beauty of natural spaces while being overcome by its cancelling through rampant development.

“Layered Landscapes: Landscape Art, Politics and Love” will be on view from November 3 - December 16, 2023.