The Centre Culturel Francophone de l'Okanagan (CCFO) is pleased to announce the Maple Feast, a culinary celebration highlighting maple syrup. In collaboration with several establishments in the Okanagan, this event will take place from March 25th to April 25th, culminating with the Maple Festival on April 25th, 27th, and 28th in Kelowna.

The Maple Feast will feature creations crafted by Bean to Cup, Move Well, Sandrine, and Mill Creek Bakeries. Among the delights offered, discover Bean to Cup's Salted Maple Latte, Move Well's latte with maple sweet cream, Sandrine's maple chocolate and a week-end special pastry, Mill Creek Bakeries' Walnut Maple Cupcake and Bacon Maple Cinnamon Bun and, last but not least, Sweet Caroline’s Bakery with a maple walnut glutenless loaf cake, a maple-glazed muffins, and a maple-glazed long johns.

Each purchase will contribute to supporting the Central Okanagan Food Bank, with a percentage of profits being donated to this cause.