Join us for a great night of live music #AtTheENZ in The Mission with The Staggers & JaggsSassy saloon tunes from East Vancouver to kick off the summer.

"Staggers & Jaggs" all-new, extra strength, original recipe ear wax has been mending holes in souls, amplifying auras, crossing eyes and kicking asses with longer lasting and more electrifying results than any of the so-called, leading, nationally recognized name brands for over three years now.

Just one bottle contains enough psychedelic swang, freaked folk and barn-burnin' telling-it-like-it-isms to soothe the most cantankerous of beasts, to drown the stubbornest of sorrows and to fill right up to the top that wretched void in your sorry life. It will make your eyes pop. It will cure your toothaches. It will empty your pockets and liberate you from the confinement of your clothing.

Upon conclusion of a course of treatment with the sensational Staggers & Jaggs' fine medicaments, you may find your cheeks are sore from laughing. There may be a wobble in your step. You may see fireflies and glow-worms dancing before your eyes."