Step into a world of health and rejuvenation as Valeo Health Clinic hosts the next Landmark After Hours event on October 10th. Located in Landmark 1, this evening promises a unique opportunity to explore the diverse offerings of Valeo Health Clinic through an array of engaging and interactive experiences.

As you journey through the clinic, each specialized area will provide you with hands-on demonstrations and insightful knowledge to enhance your well-being:

1. HyperIce Massage Product Demos: Try out cutting-edge massage gun and ball products designed to relieve muscle tension and enhance recovery.

2. Compression Therapy Demos: Relax in lounge chairs and experience the benefits of compression therapy legs. Learn how this therapy can improve your wellbeing.

3. HyperIce Wearable Massage and Heating Demos: Test the Venom Go products, innovative hands-free wearable devices that provide targeted heating and massaging relief.

4. RockTape Demos: Discover the benefits of RockTape and receive a taping session from a skilled Chiropractor or Physiotherapist.

5. Laser Hair Removal + Alumier MD: Learn about the advantages of laser hair removal and explore Alumier, Valeo's premium medical-grade skincare line.

6. Iron Infusions + Vitamin IVs: Understand the health benefits of Iron Infusions and Vitamin IVs and how they can boost your energy and overall wellness.

Each ticket includes a delectable selection of gourmet appetizers and two complimentary drink tickets. With limited capacity, securing your tickets in advance is strongly recommended. Don’t forget to bring your business cards for a chance to win exciting prizes!