Welcome to the Kombucha Home Brew Challenge – a thrilling competition hosted by MotherLove Ferments! This event aims to bring together passionate kombucha enthusiasts and homebrewers to showcase their skills, creativity, and love for this fermented beverage. Whether you're a seasoned kombucha brewer or a beginner, this competition promises an exciting opportunity to share and taste unique homemade kombucha creations. So, get your SCOBYs ready and let the brewing battle begin!

  • Registration:
    • Interested participants can register online or at MotherLove Ferments before the registration deadline.
    • Provide essential information such as name, contact details, and a brief description of your brewing experience (if any).
  • Competition Categories: You may enter 1 or both categories.
    • Traditional Brew: Classic kombucha flavours made with traditional tea bases and standard fermentation techniques.
    • Creative Fusion: Innovate and experiment with unique flavour combinations, herbal infusions, fruit blends, or other exciting additions.
  • Competition Timeline:
    • Registration Period: You may register up until May 27th at midnight. 
    • Judging Period: May 29th, 6-8 pm
    • Winners Announcement: Three days after the competition
  • Prizes:
    • Category Winners: Special recognition and a chance to have their flavour featured as a seasonal, kombucha brewing supplies, and exclusive merchandise.
    • Runner-Ups: Certificates of achievement and brewery gift cards.
  • Tasting and Event Day:
    • On the event day, participants and attendees can enjoy kombucha tasting from the competition entries!