Ken Lavigne
Date: December 12, 2016
Admission: FULL PRICE: $38.00 STUDENT: $18.00
Location: Kelowna Community Theatre
1375 Water Street
Kelowna, BC
Phone: General Enquiries: 250 469-8944 Events Line: 250 469-8940
Time: 7:30 PM
Price: FULL PRICE: $38.00 STUDENT: $18.00

Blending a classical tenor sound with modern stylings, Lavigne takes his audience on a riveting and enchanting journey, retelling his personal campaign to sing at Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops. Told with spectacular songs and entertaining and hilarious stories, Lavigne embodies the spirit of the underdog – audacity, tenacity and ultimately… triumph.

Singer Ken Lavigne, joined on stage by his ensemble (piano, guitar, bass, violin) has charmed his way into the hearts of concert goers across North America with his sincere delivery of ballads, show tunes and classical crossover hits in the style of Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban.