You may have heard of Edmonton Fringe or Edinburgh Fringe, those diverse and memorable theatre festivals that have cities buzzing for weeks. Did you know Kelowna also has our own version?

Kelowna's 2023 Fringe Festival will once again take place in the heart of the city’s Cultural District and once again will include exciting off site locations as well. The event is being produced by New Vintage Theatre Company, based in Studio 100 & 114 of Rotary Centre for the Arts.

At its core, Fringe is a unique showcase of drama, comedy, musical theatre, clown, dance, multi-media works and more. Part of the excitement of this festival is to expect the unexpected.

There are several unique elements that set Fringe Festivals apart. For example, there’s no curation (artists are selected by lottery), there are no parameters or censorship on content, and there’s a dedication to accessibility for all (fees and ticket prices are kept low with a 100% of the ticket price going to the artists).

The 2023 Kelowna Fringe Festival is taking place from August 28-September 3 in Kelowna, Lake Country* and West Kelowna*. There will be multiple performances from 12 companies (local, regional, national and international) and these offerings will be a mix of live and virtual. *Note these locations are still being finalized.

Bonnie Gratz, New Vintage Theatre's Artistic Director, believes Kelowna's Fringe will once again be a big hit.
“We’re extremely excited to bring back Kelowna International Fringe Festival in 2023. This event is a spectacular performance opportunity for local performers and production teams and it also brings artists from across the country and the world together. We can't wait to celebrate this summer at the Fringe."

Those who have been in the Okanagan since the 1990's may recall that there was a short-lived Fringe Festival in Kelowna at the end of the last century. However, the new Kelowna International Fringe Festival is not affiliated with any previous festivals that have been attempted. 2019 was the inaugural year for the event festival, coordinated by ARTSCO, since then New Vintage Theatre has proudly taken over the organization of this event. Please join us August 28-September 3.