A brand new event for beer lovers is coming to Kelowna!

Brought to you by the Central Okanagan Brewers Association, Kelowna Beer Week will be taking place from October 1st - 8th.

The celebrations and festivities will focus on one particular brewery or neighborhood each day:
Sept. 24: Kelowna Beer Institute (Downtown)
Sept. 24-25: Lakesider Brewing (West Kelowna)
Oct. 1: Rustic Reel Brewing (North End)
Oct. 2: Railside Brewing, The Office Brewing, Unleashed Brewing, Welton Arms (Clement)
Oct. 2: Red Bird (North End)
Oct. 3: Jackknife Brewing (North End) *closed to the public*
Oct. 4: Freddy’s Brewpub, Kelowna Brewing Co., Wild Ambition Brewing (Uptown)
Oct. 5: Barn Owl Brewing, Copper Brewing, Shore Line Brewing (South Kelowna)
Oct. 6: The Hatching Post, Kind Brewing, Lakesider Brewing (West Kelowna)
Oct. 7: BNA Brewing, Jackknife Brewing, Kettle River Brewing, Kelowna Beer Institute, Red Bird Brewing, Rustic Reel Brewing, Vice & Virtue Brewing (Downtown/North End)
Oct. 8: BNA Brewing (Downtown) *Wrap up mini beer festival event*

For more information and details on each day, visit the COBRA website!