Designed to empower youth (age 8-17) to have fun and be creative in the kitchen - our half-day camps are all about making baking approachable, fun, and safe!

What's Included:

Delicious recipes that they'll want to make again and again.
Fun and interactive learning with our chefs.
3.5 blissful hours to yourself while they learn in our hands-on kitchen!
A delicious can of Farming Karma fruit soda while they work.
Water is always complementary! Cold and filtered still and sparkling are on tap.
Lunch - since they'll be baking up a storm, we'll provide a balanced lunch for them to enjoy in our dining room. Lunches will be "Chef's Choice" and may include soups, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and other tasty favourites!

Summer Schedule

🍦 Day 1: Frozen Treats (Monday, July 8th)
🥐 Day 2: Muffins and Scones (Tuesday, July 9th)
🥧 Day 3: Pie (Wednesday, July 10th)
🍰 Day 4: Cake (Thursday, July 11th)
🍩 Day 5: Donuts (Friday, July 12th)

🍦 Day 1: Frozen Treats (Monday, August 12th)
🥐 Day 2: Muffins and Scones (Tuesday, August 13th)
🥧 Day 3: Pie (Wednesday, August 14th)
🍰 Day 4: Cake (Thursday, August 15th)
🍩 Day 5: Donuts (Friday, August 16th)

Dietary Note: The recipes contain gluten, dairy, and eggs. Substitutions are not available. Lakehouse Kitchens is not a nut-free environment.

Skills Covered

Kitchen Safety and cleanliness.
Introduction to basic baking equipment.
Baking techniques and temperature control.
Making ice cream and cookies from scratch *Day 1
Mixing method, preparing, and baking muffin batter *Day 2
Making, rolling, and cutting pie pastry. Decorative crust techniques. *Day 3
Mixing and preparing cake batter. Introduction to frosting and layering. *Day 4
Understanding yeast and its role in donut making. *Day 5
Kitchen appropriate attire is mandatory. Please make sure your camper is wearing closed-toe shoes, capris or pants, and has their hair tied back.

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