Join Shayne Meechan, executive director of Green Okanagan, for a discussion on adapting to a low-waste lifestyle. Providing a local Okanagan perspective on zero- waste, Shayne will share her journey, including breaking down the 5 Rs of a zero-waste lifestyle (i.e. refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot/compost) in an approachable way, and sharing simple and affordable solutions anyone can implement.

Shayne believes zero waste living is not a zero-sum game, there are small changes we can all make that will add-up to a big difference in the amount of waste we produce and the overall sustainability of our planet.

Workshop description: Cleaning can be a task but finding the right cleaner for the job doesn’t have to be. Shayne has rounded up her tried and true DIYs that are eco-friendly, economical, and low-waste! She’ll walk you through making two natural all-purpose cleaners, all ingredients will be provided, please bring along two clean spray bottles (consider upcycling empty spray bottles you have at home) or containers to take your cleaner home.