This workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced dancers and musicians who are interested in exploring free improvisation within and between their respective artistic disciplines. Participants will practice observing and responding to each other, communicating through movement and sound, and reflecting on their work as a group.

This workshop takes place as part of the Living Things Festival with facilitators Neil Cadger, Andrew Stauffer, and Nicholas Denton Protsack, who will be performing at the live improvised event, Looks Like Sounds.

Musicians should bring their instruments and necessary gear (cables, amps). An upright piano is available. Dancers should bring clothes to dance in.

IMPORTANT: After registering, please send an email to Andrew Stauffer ( specifying whether you plan to participate as a dancer or a musician and if the latter, what instrument you plan to provide.

Please note that masks are mandatory at all times inside the RCA. Workshop participants may remove their masks only while playing an instrument that requires it, or while actively eating or drinking.

Part of the sixth annual Living Things Festival - Jan 14-30, 2022 

Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

Tickets are $20. All relevant health guidance in relation to COVID-19 will be followed.

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