Alongside the Postcard Project & Studio Sale, Cool Arts have taken over a whole wall for a Members’ Spotlight with a body of work titled 'Imagination'.

Cool Arts invites you to let your mind wander with this new series of works that evokes a visual escape from reality. A landscape where you can explore a playful world of fairy houses, gnomes, and a tree. While journeying into his colourful landscape one may drift off and fantasize about what once was and what might be, like being in a dream.

Imagination is critical when it comes to letting your artistic voice come out to play. Cool Arts artists did just that this Spring in the studio by imagining what it would be like to create a different world and escape from reality.

This pandemic has squeezed us into a box but now we have to stretch our minds into new shapes only IMAGINATION can unleash.

'Imagination' will be on view from July 16 to August 28th.

Saturday hours are 11 am - 4pm.

You can learn more about the Alternator and this event at our website,