Opening on March 15th at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is “Greens” by Heather Savard.

In Greens, Okanagan artist Heather Savard explores how perception of social class is tied into the visual presentation of cultivated grass lawns. This work draws inspiration from a passage in The Anthropocene Reviewed, wherein author John Green discusses the evolution of the American lawn, saying “...quality of lawns in the neighbourhood began to be seen as a proxy for the quality of the neighbourhood itself”.

Using the visual language of the formal French garden, combined with modern materials such as artificial turf, Savard explores representations of hierarchical social systems. She questions how the idealised version of the North American lawn fits into the sociological games played between neighbours while being wrapped up, for Savard at least, inside of the ever-seemingly untenable goal of homeownership. 

“Greens” will be on view in the Alternator’s Project Gallery from March 15 - April 27, 2024.