Hands-On Cooking Class

Get ready to enter a pizza lover's paradise! During this pizza night in the Chef's Theatre, you'll experience the perfect combination of demonstration and hands-on learning.

With our Chef as your guide, you'll learn the ins and outs of pizza making, from kneading the dough to perfecting the toppings. You'll impress your friends and family as you master the art of throwing your own dough and creating a delicious masterpiece that's uniquely yours.

And the best part? You'll get to bake your pizza to perfection in Breville's state-of-the-art Pizzaiolo oven, ensuring that your pizza is cooked to crispy, cheesy, saucy perfection.

So come join us for a night of pizza, fun, and learning with Chef Bernard. You'll leave with newfound pizza-making skills and a full stomach!

36-hour fermented pizza dough
San Marzano tomato sauce
White wine cream sauce
Toppings bar

Served with salad and dessert

Skills Covered
Making pizza dough
Knife skills
Breville Pizzaiolo operation
Italian products discussion
Sauce making

Each ticket includes one glass of wine, beer, or coffee.

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