At Big White, we believe in spreading the joy and wonder of fireworks beyond traditional holiday celebrations. Throughout the entire winter season, we proudly present our famous fireworks show every Saturday evening in Happy Valley, ensuring that our guests can experience the magical allure of these nighttime spectacles.

No matter where you choose to watch, whether it's from the comfort of your accommodations, your favorite restaurants, and patios, or right at the Happy Valley Skating Rink, you are in for a treat! The sky comes alive with bursts of vivid colors and sparkling lights, illuminating the snow landscape and filling the air with a sense of excitement and awe.

From Saturday, December 9th, all the way through to Saturday, April 6th, our fireworks shows are a staple of the winter season at Big White. Come and join us as we create unforgettable moments under the stars.

There will be no Saturday Firework shows on December 23rd and December 30th. 2023

Time: 8:15pm