It’s back and better than ever! Field of Screams will once again be hosted at Historic O’Keefe Ranch this October. The three-maze haunted cornfield will be held at O’Keefe Ranch beginning October 4.

This year’s theme “Once Upon A Nightmare” will take your memories of Grimm’s Fairy tales and turn them into nightmares. If you enjoyed the classic fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Rapunzel as a child, get ready to experience these stories, and more, at a whole new level during this hair-raising event. Field of Screams will be presenting these classic fairytales in a very dark phantasmagoria style.

Grimm’s Fairy tales have always had an underlying sense of terror, this year Field of Screams will be bringing that terror to life! Wander through Alice's strange adventures if you dare, and try to escape the Queen of Hearts. Watch out for the dwarves’ mine and you might run into Jack and the Beanstalk and a sinister giant! Be cautious entering the woods as you might experience Rapunzel’s tower in all its terror, monsters in the dark, and so much more left to surprise - this year will dig down into your deepest fears and expose them for all to see!

If this theme doesn’t seem as terrifying as past years, join us and get ready to be proved wrong. Field of Screams 2019 might be the scariest year yet!

The production’s Creative Director, Matt Brown, and Operations Manager, Glen Taylor, partner to bring Field of Screams to life. To keep up with making Field of Screams a historical event, they have made some big changes this year.

If you have ever been to Field of Screams, then you know that every year they bring it to another level. This year is no exception. They are going to be adding even more event dates and are extremely excited to announce a secondary Kamloops location at Sunset Valley Farms.

They have also announced that they will be selling tickets online, which will help you get through the line ups much faster. The option of purchasing VIP group passes online will also be available this year, which will allow you and your group to skip the lines completely. If you have ever attended the popular corn maze, you know that this is a major plus! The production value has been increasing year by year with more intricate sets, superior sound design, and scare tactics that play with your every sense. If you are ready to have your wits scared out of you, this event is for you.

This event is not suitable for young children.