Explore Kelowna’s history through one of its early newspapers.

The Orchard City Record, later renamed the Kelowna Record, offers a fascinating snapshot of the city during the early 1900s. Front-page articles from the spring and summer editions showcase the people, places and events that helped shape Kelowna. Over 100 years later, many of the headlines are still captivating and relatable. Some reveal what mattered to residents, while others illustrate how much has changed – or remains the same.

The exhibition leads visitors through key topics that recur in the Record, including leisure and entertainment, health, transportation, agriculture and war. Enlarged newspaper articles, archival photos and artifacts support the stories.

What were the headlines in the early 1900s? Get the news straight off the very first edition of the Orchard City Record. Think typesetting a newspaper was easy? Try your hand at making straighter lines than the Record’s typesetter. Youngsters will enjoy the ‘Museum Marmot Newspaper Challenge’ – a kid-friendly way to explore the exhibition.

Travel back in time to when the paper was hot off the presses!